The Ultimate Multifunctional Scent Dispersal
System for Deer Hunters

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Scent to bring them in, yardage to help make the shot, scent drag, kills three birds with one stone.

J. Seboldt

This is scent dispersal that goes way beyond anything else on the market!

B. Wetzler

Brings the deer in and then helps you make the shot……..a no-brainer.

R. Schutt

With only a limited number of days to hunt each year, I will be using Scent by the Yard to increase my odds of success!

G. Fausz

A great way to get more out of my deer urine dollars!

J. Call

Scent by the Yard, hunt smarter, not harder!

S. Barnes

Revolutionary Scent Dispersal

Scent dispersal, yardage estimation, scent drag and more. Scent by the Yard is a new and exciting deer hunting product that is multifunctional to say the least. It puts out scent 1000 times greater and in a much larger, wider pattern than traditional bottle and wick scent dispersers. It helps you estimate yardage at just a quick glance for an accurate shot. Scent by the Yard can be set-up for 40, 50, 60 -yard shot set-ups and beyond. Our device has a built- in scent drag as well, just let out 6-8 ft. of scent line on your way to your hunting spot. There is no need for a risky grunt sound to stop the deer to take a shot, the deer will stop to smell the scent-line so you can make the shot. Scent by the Yard is portable, only requires one ounce of deer scent and greatly increases your odds of success.

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Maximum Versatility

Scent by the Yard can be used in multiple landscapes and environments including in the woods, harvested fields, food plots, and bare ground. The product can even be effective in taller ground cover with the use of survey flags. With the strategic implementation of yardage markers, Scent by the Yard eliminates the need for an expensive rangefinder, or the additional movement required to use the rangefinder in the field. Also, with our patented design, you can use any deer scent (urine or non-urine) of your choosing to lure those big bucks. The device can be used in the practice field, as well as to check your sight pins prior to the big hunt!

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Easy To Use

Scent by the Yard can be easily placed across deer trails to effectively stop them in their tracks. It can also be hung from and around tree stands/hunting blinds to mask human odor and attract deer. The device can also be used with alternative scents other than deer urine to lure bucks and can be used for multiple animal species. One of the most attractive features of Scent by the Yard is it’s portable design, making it easy to carry and deploy on any hunt!

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The custom made scent line made exclusively for Scent by the Yard is 100% cotton, has a looser braid for absorbency and contains no dyes, glazes or chemicals.