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How Scent by the Yard Began

Scent by the Yard creator, Cary Dion, came up with the idea of Scent by the Yard while watching “Shark Tank” on the T.V. He thought to himself that if these dummies can come up with some kind of invention, then so can I. He thought about what he liked to do, something that he enjoyed. He thought about deer hunting and something related to deer hunting. He tried to think of something in deer hunting that has not really changed in many years. He thought about scent dispersal and how it could be approved upon. There were not a lot of products on the market for putting out deer scent (deer urine). Most of the products for scent dispersal were somewhat similar in that they are small plastic containers with some sort of cotton wicking material in them to hold and put out the scent. He had used them for years with very limited success, there were limited options on the market for sale to use, so he used what was available. The little plastic containers or stand-alone wicks could be effective if the deer just happened to be directly downwind and in line with the little plastic containers. After all, we all know how effective the whitetail deer’s nose is at picking up minuscule amounts of scent. It is their number one defense against danger. If you have never been busted by the nose of a whitetail deer, then either you have never hunted them or you’re not telling the truth. Bucks have a tendency of stopping dead in their tracks because they cross a trail where hunters entered the woods eight hours earlier, turn around and head back in the direction they came from.


The deer’s nose can obviously be used by the deer to ward off danger but the deer’s nose can also be used by the hunter to his advantage to fool the deer and bring it in close enough for a shot. Scent by the Yard was designed to put out a lot more scent in a much bigger, wider pattern than those little plastic containers. Those containers and wicks are only about one inch wide, the Scent by the Yard special cotton line is 40 yards wide.
Those little plastic bottles with the cotton and the stand-alone wicks are designed to bring in the deer close enough to take the shot. With Scent by the Yards built in yardage markers, it is designed to make the shot. Scent by the Yard also makes for a great built-in scent drag, just let out about 6 to 8 feet of line while you are walking to your stand – Bingo.

About Cary Dion

Cary was the middle kid in a family of five siblings. Early in life, he took to the outdoors playing in the woods and creeks of the local area. Along with his brother Rick and the other neighborhood kids, it was not unusual for him to go on snake hunts and catch up to 120 snakes a day of all varieties. That hobby was soon frowned upon the day his mother found a ring-neck snake crawling down the hall that he was keeping in a jar in his dresser drawer.
For some reason, his parents didn’t think that the copper-heads and cotton-mouth snakes they were catching was a good idea either.
When Cary was eleven years old, his family moved to Southern Illinois where he met two cousins whose grandfather farmed a large piece of land. As young boys spending so much time on the farm, they were expected to work on the farm and work they did. But after the chores were finished Cary and the two cousins were allowed to have free reign on the farm which included a lot of camping, hunting, fishing and some things we weren’t supposed to be doing. Those days on the farm were the happiest days of his young life. He also excelled at Jr. High and High School sports and did a little trapping to make some pocket change. Cary shot his first deer at age 13 and has been a deer hunting fanatic ever since. He took up the bow that year back in 1975 before bow hunting was popular because he read in Outdoor Life magazine you could extend your deer hunting time. Back then, his used bow was a Bear Whitetail (four pulleys) and fiberglass arrows.